The Beginner Swimmer; you can do it!


This is the start of the Wisconsin Iron Man 2014 race. 3000 swimmers!

But where do you start?

We’ve all felt like this: “I can’t do this! I can’t swim 2 lengths of the pool! I quit!”

This link is a YOUTUBE video and discusses beginner swimming technique; links like this will help  you get over the mountain of doubt you are feeling!  Watch this video CAREFULLY! I’ve watched A LOT of swim videos recently and this one is a really good basic video on swim technique. WATCH it CAREFULLY!

Here is a very nice printed article for the beginner that will explain how to break swimming down into manageable chunks of information you can practice next time you are in the pool!

There are many other very helpful You Tube videos that can help you become a better swimmer! YOU CAN DO THIS!!!