Swim Practice at the MAS!

LOOK FOR emails (to registered participants) for swim practice and biking practice.

Several fundamental points we all get wrong at the beginning of our swim careers:

poor balance in the water (which increases water resistance and drag)

lifting your head up to breath with makes our feet drag lower which increases drag

not rotating at the waist to bring your arm forward and to allow the head to rotate for a breath

Here is a link of a very nice video describing BALANCE using the PENCIL DRILL  and “pressing your chest” into the water.

this TriWadena participant is practicing at the MAS with us;he is showing what we all do at the beginning of our swim career: drag our feet, slowing us down and this makes us short of breath!

Here is a TriWadena participant, learning and practicing balance in the water and learning how to rotate to breath more efficiently!

Here is our second swim/bike triathlon practice session! This participant is doing a nice job balancing in the water, slowing down her stroke (more efficient) and staying tall in the water (the forward arm stays out front for as long as possible)